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It's not just the children who are catered for, we have a thriving
Adult programme with a class to suit everyone.

Adult Weekly Class Schedule

Monday Advanced Drills 7pm-8pm
Tuesday Intermediate Drills/Coaching 7pm-8pm
Wednesday Improver Coaching 7pm-8pm
Thursday Beginner Course (6 weeks) 7pm-8pm
Friday Improver Coaching 7pm-8pm

Apart from the Beginners 6 week course, all classes are booked on a Weekly basis on our ClubSpark page.
Outdoor classes are ?7 for Members and ?9 for Non-members
Indoor classes are ?9 for Members and ?12 for Non-members

Which class will suit me?

The Beginner Course is designed for those who either haven't played before or who have had a long break away from tennis and want to relearn the basics. Through simple but sound technique we start to learn how to hit all the basic shots in a relaxed a friendly environment.

The Improver Classes are designed for players who can already rally, control the ball consistently either cross-court or down the line and are starting the rally with an overhead serve.

The Intermediate class is designed for players who are confident in serving, playing points and looking at the game from a tactical perspective. A great class for those who are looking to/already play competitive tennis for their club.

The Advanced class is designed at Men's or Ladies York Division One players and who play regular competitive tennis.


Individual coaching is a great way to improve your tennis as the coach can focus on your personal needs.

Coaches can be contacted directly and prices range from ?25/hour-?47/hour dependent on coaches level/experience.
To find the right Coach for you please take a look at our About Us page.


  For lesson cancellations we require 48 hours notice for both weekly adult groups and all private lessons.
For private lessons please contact the coach directly to cancel/rearrange and if within 48 hours then the coaches fee is still payable. 

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