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If you are looking for professional tennis lessons in York for your children then we’d love you to join us.

The coaching team at Down the Line Tennis Academy focus on teaching great technique and teaching the correct tennis specific footwork needed to be a good player. With the recreational programme the aim is to help develop a love for the game, to encourage children to play tennis for their whole lives. The classes at Down the Line Tennis Academy are structured, fun but the learning content is a high priority. The safety of the children is paramount so in this climate the coaches are mindful of maintaining social distance, have sanitiser on court although the coaches are trying to keep things as normal as they can because children are growing up in strange times at the moment. 

All our courses are booked on a half termly basis.

Outdoor group lesson prices are £6/hr for members and £8/hr for non-members.
Indoors are priced at £8/hr for members and £10/hr non-members. 

Mini Red
(ages 5-8)

Saturday 10-11am

Mini Orange
(ages 8-9)

Monday 4-5pm
Thursday 4-5pm
Saturday 11-12pm

Mini Green
(ages 9-10)

Thursday 5-6pm

Full Ball

Wednesday 6-7pm
Friday 7-8pm
Saturday 1-2pm 

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