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I am so proud of everything we have achieved at York St John University Sports Park over the last 5 years. Our long term vision was always to have an indoor tennis facility which was accessible to all and after a lot of meetings, discussions, proposals, business plans etc we finally have our amazing centre. Believe you me, persuading a national governing body and a university to invest over £1 million in your dream is no mean feat. 

A massive thank you has to go to York St John University and Rob Hickey Chief Operating Officer for seeing, believing and supporting our vision and the LTA (Paul Sheard, Paul Bennet and countless others) for their “Transforming British Tennis Together” scheme which gave us a vehicle to base our project on.

This project is a success for everyone, York St John University, The LTA, Down The Line Tennis Academy, the community but most of all for Tennis as now we truly have a 365 days a year accessible venue in York for everyone to enjoy the sport I have loved since being a young boy.


2020 our story so far........

2020 was always destined to be a game changer of a year for DTL Tennis with planning permission granted for a 3 court indoor tennis facility with all stake holders agreed on all aspects of the build. 
On 23rd March a national lockdown was announced by the government due to the rapid spread of a novel virus called “Corona” and DTL Tennis was closed along with all other non-essential business. This also meant that there would a delay on the build. As with everyone else in the UK this meant very uncertain times for us. 
8 weeks later, after a glorious spring with no rain and seemingly great tennis weather, lockdown restrictions were eased and we were allowed to start coaching again under strict guidelines, which we were happy to adhere to as me and the coaching team were just happy to be back on court.
By the beginning of June we got the exciting news that construction would start mid June and would not be effected by any COVID 19 restrictions so a completion date was set for the end of November 2020. We felt this was very ambitious but as my birthday is on St Andrews Day felt it was fate!
Coaching over the summer months was very busy albeit very different as schools were closed so daytime was much busier and evenings quieter, TBH this was a real treat for us coaches as it allowed us the luxury of working closer to a 9-5 working day.
Slowly the country opened up and various restrictions were eased unfortunately this led to a rise in COVID infections and the rate of transmissions. On November 5th we we asked to lockdown again for 4 weeks to slow down the virus spread and to ease the burden on our amazing NHS. 

This time lockdown didn’t seem so daunting as we’d been here before and of course the big incentive that when we come out of lockdown on 5th December we would be able to launch a new chapter as the indoors would be finished.........

Ideas to help motivate!

Shadow tennis is such a great thing to do when we aren't able to get on a tennis court. Really focus on your technique and using the correct footwork, stances and dynamic balance. There are also some S&C videos and are just designed to give you ideas, you can add to them and be creative. Keep checking back as we'll be adding more soon. 

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