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 Down The Line Tennis Coach | Rowan Moss | LTA Level 5 Master Performance Coach

Rowan Moss

Rowan Moss is a LTA Level 5 Master Performance Accredited+ coach. Rowan has been coaching his whole adult life and has over 30 years of experience ranging from mini tennis to professional players competing at Grand Slam level. Rowan teaches adults and juniors however focuses primarily on performance players who regularly compete at county, regional and national level.

Members £50  (includes court at any time)
Non members £45 + Client books/pays for court

Members £45 (includes court)
Non Members £45 + Client books/pays for court

Tel: 07886 567810

 Down The Line Tennis Coach | Nicky Moss | LTA Level 3 Coach

Nicky Moss

Nicky Moss is an LTA Level 3 Accredited+ coach who spent a lot of her early coaching years learning her trade through assisting Rowan on court. Nicky teaches all ages but does a lot of Adult Tennis with very popular Beginner, Improver and Intermediate groups and loves teaching U10's tennis, developing the correct fundamentals and helping them develop a love or the game. Nicky spends a lot of time at junior tournaments throughout the year.

Members £32 (includes court at any time)
Non members £25 + Client books court 

Members £25 (includes court)
Non members - £25 + Client books court

Tel: 07843 581883

 Down The Line Tennis Coach | John Moore | LTA Level 4 Performance Coach

John Moore

John Moore is a LTA Level 4 Performance Accredited+ coach who has a lot of experience with coaching children whose aspirations are to play competitive tennis. John uses video analysis to help his players learn and is very committed to each of his players individual needs. John also enjoys teaching adults and uses the "British Doubles system" introduced by Louis Cayer to help club players improve their doubles based gameplay.

Members £42 (includes court at any time)
Non members £35 + Client books/pays for court

Members £35 (includes court)
Non Members £35 + Client books/pays for court

Tel: 07896 636173

 Down The Line Tennis Coach | Freddy Bachelor-Collins | LTA Level 3 Coach

Freddy Batchelor-Collins

Freddy Batchelor-Collins is a LTA Level 3 Accredited+ coach. Freddy enjoys teaching both children and adults alike and is very popular coach with our 11-16 age group. Freddy has worked for Down the Line Tennis Academy for many years and strikes a great balance between being a fun, motivating coach but also enjoys teaching the technical side of the game.

Members £32 (includes court at any time)
Non members £25 + Client books court 

Members £25 (includes court)
Non members £25 + Client books court

Tel: 07809 506457

 Down The Line Tennis Coach | Richard Newcombe | LTA Level 3 Coach

Richard Newcombe

Richard Newcombe is completing his LTA Level 3 shortly and is an LTA Accredited and RPT Professional coach who comes from South Africa having played junior national level tennis there. For the last 11 years Richard has coached and run his own programme in Dubai and before that coached in New Zealand. Richard is a big fan of the Spanish coaching system. 

Members £37 (includes court at any time)
Non members £30 + Client books court 

Members £30 (includes court)
Non members £30 + Client books court

Tel: 07826 742833


Lesson rates are for 55 mins lessons to allow for coaches moving from indoor to outdoor courts if necessary.
For lesson cancellations the Coach requires 48 hours notice otherwise the appropriate lesson fee is payable
For any court bookings we require 72 hours notice (prior to the court time booking) in order to refund your booking cost

Our Philosophy

We are great fans of Dr Carol Dweck and Angela Duckwork who have written brilliant books on Mindset and Grit. These are very much part of our Culture. Tennis is such a mental game and this needs to be developed just like technique and worked on day in day out. Historically we have been an outdoor venue and have played (almost!) whatever the weather throws at us! This has helped us develop a culture of toughness, grit, determination and resilience. All great attributes for our players to have. The days where it’s cold, it’s windy are the times when grit and a growth mindset are made. Grit is not made through comfort and you don’t grow through everything coming easy. Even though in November 2020 our indoor centre opens our values and culture will remain the same, we will still go out running in the rain and play out in the cold because that’s what makes us tougher than the rest.

We don’t pretend to be sport psychologists – we are tennis coaches but we are coaches who have a keen interest in this aspect of tennis. We read A LOT and try and instil in our players all the great things we have learnt which will help them in their journey to becoming better athletes. As we are lucky enough to be part of York St John University we have links with our Sport Psychology department who help our players on and off the court.

We talk a lot about creating Good Habits with our players (Atomic Habits by James Clear is a brilliant book) and discipline encouraging them to keep a Habit Tracker.

We demand 100% commitment from our players but in return we are 100% committed to being the BEST coaches we can be in order to make them THE BEST players and people they can be. We are all learning (players and coaches alike) and are constantly striving for ways to keep improving.

Our Culture:






Female Junior Tennis Player | Resting at Tennis Net

Books We Can Recommend

Here is a bunch of books we loved so can highly recommend them. I’d encourage you to read them ALL! 

Academy hoodies available to order!

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Junior Sizes (7/8, 9/11, 12/13yrs) £24.99
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