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Rowan Moss, LTA Level 5 Master Performance Coach, leads the programme at Down the Line Tennis Academy. Rowan has worked at all levels of the game but his background has always been performance tennis. Over the years he has travelled extensively with players on the ITF and ATP tours and has been to each of the 4 Grand Slams with players he has coached.

Now his focus is on developing players of the future and the culture that Rowan has created at Down the Line Tennis Academy is one of hard work, passion, being committed to marginal gains and developing discipline.

The performance programme is centred on developing great technique that will not break down under pressure along with developing great dynamic balance. Players need to understand what they are trying to do on a tennis court and this performance programme is like a tennis school where their tennis specific knowledge is challenged on a daily basis. Knowledge is power as they say and in order to correct something when it’s going wrong and there is nobody around to ask a player needs to have the tools to do so.

One thing that you can be sure of at Down the Line Tennis Academy is that the coaches have their finger on the pulse of competition. Our coaches go to Nationals, Grade 2’s & 3’s, travel overseas to Tennis Europe tournaments and have taken many tennis trips away - the most recent trip being to a Ten-Pro tournament at The Rafa Nadal Academy Majorca.

Strength & Conditioning is also a big focus for us and an area we are looking to develop more and more. We are lucky to be based at York St John University where we have a gym, an S&C suite and a sprint track all on site. We have close links to the University’s S&C tutors and have postgraduates working with us and the players we teach. As coaches we are constantly learning and improving the way we help develop the players for the increasing demands of the modern game.



We are great fans of Dr Carol Dweck and Angela Duckwork who have written brilliant books on Mindset and Grit. Read more on this on OUR PHILOSOPHY page. These are very much part of our Culture. Tennis is such a mental game and this needs to be developed just like technique and worked on day in day out. Historically we have been an outdoor venue and have played (almost!) whatever the weather throws at us! This has helped us develop a culture of toughness, grit, determination and resilience. All great attributes for our players to have. The days where it’s cold, it’s windy are the times when grit and a growth mindset are made. Grit is not made through comfort and you don’t grow through everything coming easy. Even though in December 2020 our indoor centre opens our values and culture will remain the same, we will still go out running in the rain and play out in the cold (just not as much!) because that’s what makes us tougher than the rest.

We are super proud of our players and are passionate about helping them achieve the goals they have, push boundaries and challenge their limits. It’s an exciting ride and you’re welcome to join us!

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